Static Typing in Python

Shubhi Khanna (~shubhi09)




We know Python has no static types and most programmers don't care to look beyond it. In this talk, we discuss the advantages & disadvantages to a static type system, as well as recent efforts to introduce static typing to Python. We’ll see what the future has in store for Python’s type system.

  • About types
  • Types of type systems
  • Types in other languages


  • Types in Python
  • How Python did/does typing
  • The type function
  • PEP 484: Type Hints
  • The typing module
  • Tools
  • mypy
  • pytype


  • The great benefits to static typing in Python
  • Static code analysis
  • More documentation
  • Code completion


  • The disadvantages to static typing
  • The challenges of static typing


  • QnA



Attendees should know that there is a distinction between typed and untyped code, and understand what some types (list, int, string, etc) are, but don’t need to know exactly what static typing is or have direct experience with typed code.

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From the very beginning, I’ve had a keen will to eradicate problems faced by women. The university I’m currently studying in is India’s first all women technical university. Being surrounded by empowering women and to be able to grasp the problems faced by them was a crucial factor while choosing my institution. The past two years in this college have truly been an eye-opener. I have not only been able to understand the depths of problems faced by women but have also been instrumental in devising feasible solutions. Using creativity as a source, I wish to upscale the impact these solutions have by optimising the resources used.

Someone who I have immense respect and admiration for is Mary Lou Jepsen because of her will to bring about improvement and her dauntless approach to do so. I hope to get acquainted to many more such women who are changing the world, one step at a time.

I am determined to bring brown women in technology to the forefront and give them a better chance at opportunities available. Speaking at an event as prestigious as PyCon is bound to play an instrumental role in honing my skills and reaching out to a broader community.

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