Static Typing in Python

Sanchit Balchandani (~sanchit3)




Type Hints were introduced in Python since version 3.5 however still a lot of us who are primarily used to of working on dynamically checked languages like Python JavaScript are reluctant to explore this feature at scale. With this talk, I'd like to help the audience understand the importance of static typing in Python and how one can use static typing in Python with the help of some type checkers and the Typing module of Python.

The motto of overall talk would be, to help folks understand the importance of using Static Typing and give them some decent examples so that they can quickly get started with Static Typing in either new, old or legacy Python projects.

Here is the outline of the talk (Total time - 30 mins)

  • Quick Intro of Typing - 2 mins
  • Why Static Typing? - 3 mins
  • How to Static Type your Python Code - 5 mins
  • Complex Types - 10 mins
  • Type Checkers (primarily MyPy) - 3 mins
  • Monkey Typing - 2 mins
  • QnA - 5 mins


  • Basics of Python
  • One should understand the reasoning behind Static or Dynamic Typing

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Sanchit has been into the IT industry from the last 9+ years and has been doing a lot of Python and Web Development projects along with some DevOps(SRE) work recently. He loves to write code in Python and likes to be involved with the tech community. He is a core member of Hyderabad Python User Group and co-chaired PyConf Hyderabad 2019.

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