Solution Accelerators with Jinja

Raza Balbale (~raza)




In every development context and scenario, there are repeatable patterns and code we use more than once. Using a templating engine and making it configurable is an effective way to have this code built out for you. Making the templates configurable, makes them flexible, and enhances re-usability.

The key ingredients for this talk are: Jinja (templating library), YAML (to make templates configurable), and a little bit of Python to make all of this work.

The objective of this talk is to get you started on building your own Solution Accelerators. When it comes to solution development, speed is of the essence!


Familiarity with basic Python. Familiarity with basic YAML.

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Currently a Snr. Architect at Cognizant Technology Solutions, USA - part of the Connected Products Team. Based out of Dallas with a more than a decade of Dev-Arch experience ranging from solutions for financial brokerage to e-commerce.

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Section: Developer tools and automation
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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