Simplified Deployment of Microservices from Docker Desktop to Cloud

Sanchit Balchandani (~sanchit3)




Docker has recently partnered with Amazon AWS & Microsoft Azure to come up with a couple of cool plugins for Docker Desktop, using which a developer can seamlessly deploy the Containerized Microservices from local to the cloud with just the help of a couple of commands. At this moment, a lot of production-grade systems are using AWS ECS or Azure ACI services to run microservices in the cloud but the current process of deployment of your docker images from local to cloud is little complicated in case someone wants less TAT(turn around time). That's where these plugins help a lot and provide a seamless experience to the developer of just being in your docker CLI and using couple of commands the whole bunch of Microservices can be deployed from local to Cloud.

In this talk, I'd like to cover these two plugins and give a demo that how this can be done. Below would be the outline (30 mins) -

  • What the talk is about?
  • Current Challenges
  • Intro to ECS Plugin
  • Sample Python App (3 Microservices)
  • Demo on ECS plugin
  • ACI Plugin & Demo
  • QnA


  • Basic Understanding of AWS ECS (or managed container orchestration services)
  • Basic Understanding of Python & Microservices
  • Basic Understanding of REST APIs

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Sanchit comes with 10+ years of experience into IT Industry and he has expertise in Python Development and creating backend systems. He is currently working as Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Systems. He is very passionate about Python, Docker & Open Source Communities. He is also a core member of 'Hyderabad Python User Group' and 'DevOps & SRE User Group Hyderabad'.

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