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Every fast-paced work environment requires a high level of efficacy throughout the process and primarily in a startup, creating an impact every day is required for them to sustain in the market. It is necessary to have features rolled out in regular cadence and some features/fixes are on-demand and tend to have high release frequency. In these scenarios, the deployment is done every day, where all the features are pushed to production. To make sure that the new features don't conflict or impact the existing ones, it is also important to have a well-devised pipeline that cuts off manual efforts of testing and debugging for the feature to be successfully pushed to production.

We will be discussing how our improved pipeline will help the QA community to Reduce manual efforts, Early detection of bugs, Enhance the code quality and security flaws early in the development phase.

Outline of the talk:

  1. Introduction: What is SecDevOps CI/CD pipeline [ 3-5 min]
  2. Problem statement: What are we trying to solve using this pipeline [5 min]
  3. Approach and implementation : [10 -15 mins]
  4. Stages of the pipeline : [5 mins]
  5. Outcomes: [3-5 min]


Exposure to the technology areas such as SecDevOps, CI/CD pipeline, Deployment, Infrastructure. The Audience includes and is not limited to DevOps Engineers, QA Engineers, Developers, and Build & Release Engineers.

Speaker Info:

Payal Moondra is a pioneer in engineering best practices and that includes driving automation initiatives using Rest APIs, Pytest to help increase Safety net focussed towards orchestration of deployment using CI/CD tools like Jenkins. Prior to HackerEarth, Payal has worked at startups like [24], Sahi where she helped build automation frameworks on Java and JavaScript. Beyond professional life Payal is an active member of Toastmaster International and writes actively at Quora (Payal-Shah-26)

Karthik Raju is a specialist in test automation using UFT and Selenium and also holds framework knowledge. He is proficient in Java and Python and has worked on multiple cost-saving initiatives in his team. He is a winner of prestigious organization level awards and has been a top achiever in automation and hackathon events. He has won accolades for his technical skills across India and the United States.

Speaker Links:

  1. Payal Moondra
  2. Karthik Raju

Section: Developer tools and automation
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Advanced
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