Python worst Practices AKA Anti-Patterns

Pratibha jagnere (~pratibha69)




In recent few years, we have seen many people teaching the best practices with good example code, that a programmer should follow when using Python. But it is difficult to find what we can improve in our code that can make it better and more standardize according to Python PEP8.

This presentation aims to give a quick overview of

  • Different categories of Anti-Patterns
  • common anti-patterns we see in day to day production code and how we can improve them

We will share what we have learn so far and encourage you to try it with your own projects. We'll walk through a simple example, with screenshots and code wherever required.


  • Introduction (2 min)
  • What is Anti-Pattern - Introduction (3 min)
  • Different categories of Anti-Pattern - We will see how Anti-Patterns can be divided into categories like Readability, Correctness, Security etc (12 min)
  • Production code examples showing how common mistakes can break our code. (5 min)
  • Conclusion ( 3 min)
  • QnA (5 min)

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Intermediate level of coding in day to day work will be good to understand what things we can do to improve the coding skills.

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Pratibha is Sr Python developer who delivers content on the development and maintenance of backend including APIs and internal python packages. She has talked in many conferences in past including PyCons.

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