Python on Kubernetes: A primer

Nabarun Pal (~palnabarun)





Kubernetes has been an ever-growing phenomenon for deploying and managing workloads at scale. With Kubernetes, the operations of scaling and managing workloads become simpler as compared to managing them by hand on virtual machines. In order to leverage the power of Kubernetes, the user needs to


  • A quick recap on containers and Docker (~15 mins)
  • Writing a Dockerfile for a Python web server (~15 mins)
  • Introduction to the Kubernetes architecture (~15 mins)
  • Types of Kubernetes workloads with examples (~15mins)
  • Creating a local Kubernetes cluster (~30 mins)
  • Deploying the Python web server to the cluster (~15mins)
  • Getting traffic into the web server (~15mins)
  • Scaling the deployment (~15mins)
  • Adding health checks (~15mins)

Pre-workshop setup

  1. Install Python 3 and virtualenv on your machine
  2. Install Docker using the instructions here
  3. Install minikube using the instructions here


  1. Knowledge of building web APIs in Python
  2. Basic knowledge of workload types (eg, servers, one-off jobs, scheduled jobs)
  3. Basic knowledge of packaging Python applications
  4. A computer/VM with Linux installed
  5. Knowledge of containerization/Docker is needed.

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The workshop will be very hands-on and we will build something as we learn.

Speaker Info:

Nabarun Pal works as an Infrastructure Engineer at Clarisights. He has had worn several hats ranging from software to data pipelines to infrastructure in the industry after graduating from IIT Roorkee. Nabarun actively contributes to diverse open source communities like Kubernetes, Python, etc. He also participates in conducting lectures on Free and Open Source Software at Durgapur Linux Users' Group, aka, DGPLUG. Nabarun speaks about technology and his experiences at conferences and meetups in India and abroad. Nabarun also holds a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification.

Nabarun, in his free time, currently contributes to a variety of subprojects in the Kubernetes ecosystem notable of which are leading the Kubernetes 1.19 Release Enhancements Team and maintaining the release of Kubernetes Python Client along with taking care of adding features and fixing bugs in the Python client. In addition to that, he is also one of the Kubernetes SIG Contributor Experience Asia Pacific Coordinators and New Membership Coordinators.

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