Power of Recommender System: Statistical models to Deep Learning models





Every online business needs a recommender system, to enhance customer experience and to increase revenues. Building a recommendation is an art as well as science. I would like to showcase some of the successful use cases, explain its working, talk about the progress over the last decade, and Challenges and Common mistakes in building a recommender system.


Simple mathematics. Exposure to Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

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This is a general presentation on recommender systems I had made for a mixed audience(ML and non-ML folks).

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After I graduated from IIT Madras, I worked on robotics for MedTech and general automation companies. Driven by the magic of AI in robotics, I started focusing more on Machine learning and eventually moved to the world of AI. Over the last few years, I have worked on many computer vision and recommender systems products. Currently, I work as an ML engineer with Toyota. I would like to call myself as a versatile engineer with a lot of interest in AI.

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Most of the codebase is private. And I am yet to start blogging.

Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Intermediate
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