Offline Data Collection using Pocket Beagle and Python





Machine learning for certain domains requires data collection from sensors. In some cases, internet may not be available to store the data on the backend server. For example, this may occur in agriculture, oil wells etc. How will you collect and store the data in offline scenarios in an efficient way? This talk borrows concepts from Object Oriented Programming to quickly get the things up and running. It will provide template code to get started without having to learn too deep. The topics covered in the talk will be:

  • Overview of Pocket Beagle - 5min
  • Use Cases for Pocket Beagle - 1min
  • Physical Side - 5min
  • Software Side - 7min
  • Reading Data from Sensors - 3min
  • Object Oriented Way to store data - 4min
  • Q&A - 5min

The talk will consist of the mix of slide show and videos. The videos will show the interaction with the physical device. The code and the required material will be available in the public domain.

Key Takeaways:

  • The audience will learn how to gather data from sensor connected to Pocket Beagle using Python.
  • Audience will also learn how to store the data.

Video: About the talk

Disclaimer : This talk is my personal and not for my employer.


  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • Good to have knowledge about GPIO

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Speaker Info:

Sameer Khandekar is a Software Engineer at Microsoft. He has been a maker for several years and has contributed to various communities including and GitHub. He is also a speaker at various code camps and meetups.

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  • Twitter: @sameerIoTApps

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