Monitoring Python Application KPIs using Prometheus

Jitendra Kumawat (~jitendra56)




Agenda of talk -

  1. What are system KPIs
  2. Monitoring tools
  3. Prometheus for system KPIs monitoring
  4. Create Python based application
  5. Integrate Prometheus and Python based application
  6. Deployment of Application with Prometheus
  7. DEMO


Not necessary but have an idea of system KPIs , Python, Prometheus etc.

Speaker Info:

Jitendra Kumawat , is working as a Principal Engineer at Thales. He is working on cutting edge technologies including frontend, backend, database and DevOps. As a role, He is responsible for develop softwares and enable team to implement these technologies in their applications. As a part of this talk he is sharing his experience of Prometheus integration with Flask APP Builder based application apache-superset as part of project requirement.

His previous speaking experience is

  1. Tech-Triveni -1.0 ( in 2018 over MicroFrontend Architecture.

  2. PyCon India -2019 ( for Apache Superset .

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Section: Developer tools and automation
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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