Managing the lifecycle of a python microservices application by extending kubernetes.

Arun Chaudhary (~arunc009)




Alright, so we've a python microservices application (built from scratch or migrated from monolith) and it's time for this application to have a home. Fine, lets go ahead and host this distributed microservices application on a brand new kubernetes cluster and guess what it's up & running fine as expected at this very moment but is that's all? No, going forward it's worth considering how we gonna keep it up all the time and running considering various phases of software development life cycle. In most of the cases there are certain factors apart from kubernetes infrastructure; application's component for example. Are they stateless/Statefull? which needs a special attention to pursue the long term plan and morever, how developers & operation guys can collaborate to make this happen would be the key take away from this workshop.

Basic outline of the talk:

  • How kubernetes works (at high level).
  • To what extent configuration management can help.
  • Introduction to operator framework.
  • How operator works
  • Running your own operator
  • Managing a sample application with operator.

Who is this talk for?

  • Developers who are writing distributed application and wants to see the world with SRE lenses.
  • Anybody who is curious to know kubernetes beyond basics.
  • Every Developer/Sysadmin/DevOps/Architect out there.


Basic understanding of:

  • Linux operating system.
  • Python programming.
  • Distributed/micro services application.
  • Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Configuration management. (if possible)

Speaker Info:

Arun Chaudhary: A tech wizard pertaining to technologies like DevOps, Architect/Design, Containers, Kubernetes, Configuration management, CI/CD, Cloud, OS Internals etc and has been into the IT industry from last 6 years. During this tenure he had got the chance to explore various cloud platform and enabling all of these into production grade application at larger scale.

Apart from learning each day everyday, he is a core member of DSUG - DevOps & SRE User Group Hyderabad and have given number of training sessions, tech talks & workshop on aforesaid technologies at PyConIndia2019-Chennai, PyConfHyderabad2019, DevSecOps2020-Pittsburg, DSUGKickOffMeet-Hyderabad etc.


DevSecOpsDays2020 – Pittsburg

DSUGHyd2020 – Hyderabad

PyConf2019 – Hyderabad

PyConIndia2019 – Chennai

Vikas Kumar: A professional with nearly 6 years of experience in Software Development under various domains including Cloud, LTE, Security.

Section: Decentralised and Distributed Technology
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Advanced
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