Let's Make Tetris with Pygame!

Aditya Abhiram (~Aa20475)




Pygame is a great tool for developers. It isn’t set up to be easily compatible with mobile devices, and due to the nature of Python it isn’t great for commercial products in general; however, its strengths include its ease of use and accessibility. The flow of the Pygame workflow is an amazing way for beginners to learn game programming at a deeper level because it is straightforward while also having a fair amount of depth. And Tetris as you all know is a simple yet very complex game. It is a very good starting point to work with. The following topics will be covered in this workshop:

  • Introduction to the concept of game engines and the engines which use Python as their primary scripting Language - 10 min
  • Basics of Pygame - 30 min
  • A hands-on session on how to make Tetris in Pygame - 1.5 hr
  • A Display of Tetris AI made with Pygame -10 min
  • Q&A

After the talk, you will be able to make your own games in Pygame!

Here's the URL to a short preview video!


  • Hands-on experience with Python
  • Played Tetris before :P

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Aditya Abhiram is a Game development enthusiast. He is a 3rd year Undergraduate Student at IIT Indore. He is also the club head for Cynaptics, The Ai and ML club of IIT Indore. He already worked on several personal game projects. He made several games in PyGame and also made AI for them. He is a 2 time Google summer of Code student in years 2019 and 2020. He is currently working on a personal game engine to improve his understanding of games and graphics.

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Section: Game Design and 3D Modelling
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Intermediate
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