Introduction to NLP with BERT

Milind Thombre (~thombrem)




Here is my full talk on the topic which can be broken down into 2+2+2 hour talk-talk-workshop sessions:

I plan to cover a compressed and condensed topic (within 25 mins) pertaining to this broader topic

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Preliminary knowledge of Machine Learning Introduction to Language modeling Python 3.x enabled IDE Hi-speed Internet connection

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I am a full stack developer with over 20+ years of Product Development and Services experience.

My workplaces are either at Global Fortune 50 companies or very fast faced stints at my own startups. I am the Founding Engineer at OpenInterview.

I have a provisional Utility patent publication USPTO # 63016736 and 2 research papers so far.

Amongst other fun activities, I run the Dilbert Discussion Group which is a support group with a difference. It helps office folks vent their frustration using humor. I also have plans to launch a press foray specifically targeted towards corruption.

BE(Electronics) 1995 ME(Computer Engg) 2018

Regards Milind K Thombre

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Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
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