Interactive ATM Analytics using Dash





Dash is an extremely useful Python framework for building web analytics. Basic knowledge of Python is sufficient to build stunning interactive apps that would have taken the usage of multiple technologies along with larger volume of code.

In this talk, we describe a scalable solution for descriptive analytics using Dash. This is illustrated using the real-life example of ATMs and how such interactive visualizations help identify inefficiencies and streamline support. Particularly, spatial and interactive visualizations are discussed and their ability to provide insights along with the ease to build them is highlighted.

Here is the outline of the talk (Total time - 30 mins)

  • Brief Introduction to Dash - 5 mins
  • ATMs and their data - 3 mins
  • Solution Design and Implementation - 10 mins
  • Testing and Demo - 5 mins
  • Lesson Learned - 2 mins
  • Q&A - 5 mins


  • Basic understanding of databases and distributed systems
  • Minimal experience with plotting in Python

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Pavan is currently working as a Principal Engineer in OSI Digital, specializing in projects on analytics and cloud applications. He also enjoys contributing to open-source repositories, particularly in machine learning and scientific computing. He has completed his undergraduate degree from IIT Bombay and masters from Stanford University.

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