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  1. Problem Abstract: Data centers are complex houses of network, storage, computing environments. A system administrator uses various tools and technologies ensuring the setups are catering the needs of business that these environments are used for. Multiple channels of APIs exposed by controllers of these machines which help in remote configuration, Consoles help to consolidate the geeky stuffs and present a user-friendly solution to a system administrator.

Presently there are multiple types of consoles like: Configuration consoles: help user to interact through web-based console - UI or CLI. But as the technologies grow, the usage of intelligent AI powered chat bots is becoming more and more common, making them one of widely accepted solutions for user interaction and data collection.

Here we propose about a ChatBot based solution for Data center Automation.

  1. Proposed Solution: The solution talks about a ChatBot, which helps system administrator to interact (configure, monitor) servers remotely through text inputs on a chat window. This calls for need of popular technologies like NLP, ML under the umbrella of AI.

Intelligent Chat Bot - A chatbot to interact with servers has been implemented for different operations like power management (Power On, Off, Restart etc.), RAID management, BIOS management and can be extended to more operations. Through NLP, and properly trained ML Bot for the domain of servers, the operation which user is trying to perform can be made out.

In turn these commands are mapped to channels provided by the server, and the action is performed.

An example conversation by user to power on a server: User: Hi OMBOT: Hi OMBOT: I Can help you configure servers, Presently I can do power management, RAID management. User: Power Management OMBOT: Options for power management include Power ON, Power Off, Restart. User: Power ON. OMBOT: Please let me know the details of iDRAC: IP, username, password. User: 100.100.xx.xx, admin, yyxxaabb OMBOT waits for operation to be done…… OMBOT: The server is powered on.

The text is interpreted and mapped to a command which in turn maps to a API to perform the action.

The solution can be integrated and extended to any of the present consoles (CLI/web-based), allowing more flexible integrations with existing stable solutions including mobile apps with even voice based input as an option.


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Sirisha working with dell for the past 10 years. Post Graduation from M.S.Ramaiah on Digital communications and Electronics. worked on Automation in Server domain on Python CLI.

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