How to setup Jupyter Notebooks and Lab using the existing configuration files and extensions to make for best and enjoyable experience.





I want to showcase how to setup Jupyter Notebook to get the most of it.

  • Auto import of frequently used libraries like requests, pandas, typing, collections, itertools etc
  • Setup fonts and themes - choosing any font for code and output, some popular themes like one dark theme, monokai, etc
  • Setup code auto formatters - set up black, pep8, flake etc
  • Setup language servers - pyl, default auto completion and AI based used using Tabnine
  • Setup plot colors and sizes - setting sizes of plots that makes sense on the wider screens
  • Setup keyboard shortcuts - go to definition, show param list, show docs etc



Speaker Info:

Raveen Beemsingh

Hacker, Tinkerer & Hustler | Founder-Developer | Techstars Mentor & Alum | MakeMySummary (founder, CEO) | Previously Hammerhead (co-founder) | Love Python | AI/ML Enthusiast


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Section: Developer tools and automation
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