How to double your productivity as a developer

Karthikeyan Vk (~karthikeyan76)




As a Developer, productivity is important. Sometimes we feel very good when we go home that we did something and sometimes we feel nothing got done, feel lame and highly unproductive.

This event teaches you, how to be productive everyday and also feel good about yourself.

You have a passion to upgrade your skills, create you-tube videos, read books, complete certification to enhance your career ?. But Where is time to do all that with our hectic job?

You also find people who do all these extra technical activities and also having fun watching movies and series.

In this online event, we are gonna look into improving your productivity and still watch movies and series without ever feeling guilty.

This event teaches all the tools I have been using personally in my life to improve my everyday activities.

These are the tools I use every day and importantly over the weekend to be extra productive.

  • Awareness
  • Will Power
  • Building Rituals
  • Reducing friction
  • 55-20-55-30 Rule
  • Schedule your distraction
  • Making Success Inevitable

Come learn this tools and be more productive add more value to your professional and personal life.


Developer who has got more than four years of experience and above

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Karthikeyan VK is passionate about learning new technology to solve business and developer challenges. He conducts various workshops & Bootcamps on Microservices and DevOps. He is an expert in building highly scalable solutions with cloud-native architecture. He also has a huge experience in reducing your cloud cost. He loves to talk about new technology in meetups and writes blogs on the last challenge he faced.

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