How to analyze data on AWS without a database

Alex Casalboni (~alex62)




What is a data lake and what can we do with it in 2020? In this session we'll see how to manage a pipeline for data ingestion cheaply and securely at any scale, without having to manage a database or a datawarehouse. And most importantly, without writing a single line of code for data ingestion or ETL. We will cover universal best practices for data analytics pipelines, data compression, columnar formats, as well as cloud services such as Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, and Amazon Athena.


  • Modern data challenges [5min]
  • Purpose-built data engines [5min]
  • What's a data lake? [5min]
  • How to build a data lake on AWS [5min]
  • Data ingestion and discoverability best practices [5min]
  • How to query a data lake without servers [5min]
  • Live demo [10min]


Basic data analysis tools and SQL, plus some cloud fundamentals.

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Alex is deeply passionate about web technologies and music. He has been building web products and helping other builders learn from his experience since 2011. His coding love spreads across the Python and the JavaScript communities, and he's been contributing to open-source projects such as AWS Lambda Power Tuning. He co-organizes the serverless meetup in Milan, as well as ServerlessDays Milan (previously JeffConf).

As a Sr. Developer Advocate, Alex often speaks at technical conferences across the world, supports developer communities and helps them build applications in the cloud. He is particularly interested in serverless architectures, machine learning, and data analytics.

In his free time, Alex loves snowboarding, jogging, traveling, and playing his saxophone.

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Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
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Target Audience: Intermediate
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