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Hands on Python is a session that will be taking people through the fundamentals, concepts, values and future of Python. In this session Opemipo Disu will be talking about everything related to Python and how it can be used in the future. Opemipo has been speaking about this in different conferences all around the world and he will be talking about how Python is applied in AI and Machine Learning too.

  • The session will bring the most of the attendees to Python.
  • The session will tell people how we can apply Python in our day-to-day activities too.
  • It will encourage people to use it now so that it will be helpful in the future.

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Opemipo Disu is a 14-year-old developer, an IBM Champion for Developers in 2020, a Developer Advocate who is from Lagos, Nigeria. Opemipo is a teenage world-class developer who has been nominated for 2 awards and he codes with languages under web and software development. Opemipo is also a Cloudinary Media Developer and a YouTuber.

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