Going Serverless with Django on AWS Lambda

Siddharth Goyal (~sid22)




Web Services are increasingly becoming one of the bedrocks of modern computer software. Web frameworks like Django, Flask, etc in Python are powerful tools for developing web services. Deployment of production systems was traditionally over a fixed server ( EC2, local ). This had a lot of fixed associated costs and difficult scaling processes. With serverless technology, we can deploy our applications easily on the cloud, with much more affordable cost structures, but with more server processing power and better scalability. AWS Lambda serverless computing platform is one such platform.

In this talk, I will be presenting a demonstration of how one can deploy Django Web applications on AWS Lambda and best leverage serverless computing platforms. I will give insights into things to look out for in your application when deploying it on a serverless platform. For ex managing things like static file hashing, cache and other things that differ from traditional deployments.

I will also talk about API Gateways and their role in serverless deployments. In that, I will primarily talk about AWS API Gateway and Kong. The differences and similarities in them and how to use them with AWS Lambda. Their important role in deploying web apps in serverless services etc.

Talk Outline (25 minutes ):

  1. Introduction ( 2 min )
    • Overview of the talk
  2. Introduction to Serverless Computing Platform - AWS Lambda ( 7 min )
    • What is Serverless Computing ( overview/advantages/disadvantages ) and basics about AWS Lambda
  3. Differences in traditional deployments and serverless deployments for web services ( 3 min )
  4. Configuring a Django web app for AWS Lambda ( 10 min )
    • Changing Lambda event to a wsgi request, cache, static Manifest file usage with CDN
  5. Deployment and API Gateways ( 6 min )
    • Live working URL demo, with brief on API Gateways.


  • Used Django
  • Basic understanding of Cloud Computing

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I am a software developer at Innovaccer, one of the leading Healthcare startups in the world. As a programmer, I firmly believe in constant improvement as a general technologist and full-stack developer. I am passionate about Open source and have contributed to OWASP as student in OWASP Code Sprint '17.

Other than programming I enjoy Astronomy and English Literature.

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