Effective Development Patterns for Micro-services

Prashanth Raghu (~prashanthraghu2)





Microservices architecture can be greatly leveraged to accelerate the development of features by helping split the codebase across multiple codebases in turn enabling smaller teams to own feature releases independently. With over 5 years experience into Micro-services and about 2 years with its predecessor the SOA ( Services Oriented Architecture ) there are few aspects of Microservices which can greatly help improve its usage and some which can greatly make us pay for the wrong choice.

In this talk we will learn about the importance of some of the principles towards effective micro-services such as consistent logging patterns, timing frameworks, multi framework development, REST vs AMQP and taking liberal shortcuts to help improve performance, scalability and using the right tool for the right job.

Basic outline of the talk

  • Introduction to Microservices ( For beginners ) [5 minutes]
  • Overview of the talk [5 minutes]
  • Choosing the right frameworks [5 minutes]
  • Effective Logging and its importance ? [5 minutes]
  • Effictively Timing an API in a multi-framework environment [5 minutes]
  • Importance of API design and Exception Handling with examples [ 5 minutes ]
  • Using AMQP liberally [ 5 minutes ]
  • Taking effective shortcuts from ideal patterns [ 5 minutes ]
  • Microservices and Kubernetes [ 5 minutes ]
  • Q/A

Who is this talk for?

  • Developers working in Microservices willing to engage in a knowledge sharing session among peers.
  • Developers interested in moving Monolithic systems to Microservices.


  • Python Flask Basics
  • Logging
  • Python Requests library
  • REST

Speaker Info:

I am Prashanth Raghu and my interest in python began back in 2009 when I was studying at PES University, Bangalore. I used python as a part of my internship project in my final year. It was used to develop a hybrid cloud app with the web front end designed in PHP and monitoring and load testing on python. I was a Google Summer of Code scholar for the year 2014. ( My work: https://github.com/openstack/zaqar/tree/master/zaqar/storage/redis ).

I studied at National University of Singapore and did my Masters in Wireless Computation with a research paper between 2013-2014. I was struck by a rare disease called Steven Johnson Syndrome in 2015 due to this my startup failed. At this crucial time I decided to do something of my interest and opened up the source code of python 2.7. I was amazed at the simplicity yet profoundness of the architecture and decided to share my views with the world. And the result of my efforts for a couple of months has resulted into the book “Internals of Cpython 2.7” and “Internals of Cpython3.6” available as a free download under CC 4.0 license.

Currently I work as a Senior Technical and Solutions Architect at Signeasy Technologies where I develop scalable esignature solutions using Microservices

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