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Most people start a New Year with resolutions to eat right and become fit. However as days go by more than half of them go back to old habits and poor weight management .

Healthy eating has become a bigger issue in the COVID-19 pandemic. People are forced to be indoors which is disrupting their eating and sleeping habits. According to WebMD’s recent study , many men and women are developing unhealthy habits due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Decreased outdoor activity, eating comfort food, and anxiety due to covid-19 is proving to be the right recipe for weight gain. In the last 30 days quarantine15 and #QuarantineWeight have become popular terms on social media.

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I am a ninth grader and I have been working on AI projects since last November. Over summer I started to build an app “EatRight” that recommends healthy food choices to a user based on their personal data in a private and safe way.

So how is this cooler than the million other food apps available to use?

In this talk, I will present those unique differences. I will walk the listener through the problem statement, design, unique features, and the source code of EatRight. Added to the fun will be a Live Demo!.

I will also highlight lessons learned and future enhancements that I am planning to do with my app.


Basic understanding of software development. Beginners are welcome!

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My name is Anay Pant. I am an incoming 9th grader. I have an interest in robotics and coding . To learn more about my projects, visit

Recently I am studying data science and machine learning which I enjoy very much. My recent blog post on Linear Regressions was published on AI Club -

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