Digital Signal Processing using Google Colaboratory





Python now replaces MATLAB and Scilab in signal processing, image & video processing and audio processing, This talk is focused on the following signal processing algorithms and digital filter design implementation using Python software: 1. Linear convolution 2. Correlation 3. Discrete Fourier Transform and Its Inverse 4. Frequency spectrum plot 5. Digital Filers like Finite Impulse Response Filters 6. Infinite Impulse Response Filters 7. Discrete Cosine Transform 8. Power Spectrum Estimate


Knowledge about Python data types and data structures. Signal processing fundamentals like Unit impulse, Step response, Fourier Transform. Basic Python programming.

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Name, Designation: Dr.R.Senthilkumar, Assistant Professor Department & Institute: Electronics and Communication Engineering, Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Erode, Tamil Nadu. My area of interest includes Signal Processing, Image & Video Processing, Speech processing, Face recognition, Image denoising, Acoustic Echo cancellation, adaptive filtering, multi-rate signal processing, wavelet transform. My ultimate aim is to replace the proprietary software by Open source software like Python, Scilab for the above said applications.

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