Deploying your Python API to Kubernetes





Micro services have taken the world by a storm and tools like Docker and Kubernetes are becoming popular day by day , companies are deploying their applications in Kubernetes which provides scalability , rolling updates , high availability and so much more . In this workshop we will look at how to build a basic API with all CRUD operations using Flask and SQLalchemy and then deploy that APi to a Kubernetes cluster . We will also look at creating Docker Images of the API and the advantages that Kubernetes gives you for your deployment.

  • Introduction about DevOps
  • What is Docker and Kubernetes and why are they popular
  • What is Flask and SQLAlchemy
  • Building a Basic API using Flask
  • Deploying the API in Docker by creating Docker images
  • Creating yml files for deploying in Kubernetes
  • Deploying the API to a Kubernetes cluster
  • QnA


Basic Knowledge of Building API using Flask and Kubernetes and Docker

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Dipto Chakrabarty is a Devops Enthusiast and Python Developer . He is currently in his third year in Vellore Institute of Technology . He is a Devops Intern at Machaao INC and Cloud Administrator for Kaloory INC . He is also the projects lead at CodeChef Vit an organisation in VIT Vellore . He has worked in several projects related to micro services , back end , cloud computing , automation etc .

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Section: Developer tools and automation
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Intermediate
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