Data Visualizations using Charting libraries for emotional health





Talk Outline:

i. Title: Digital Apps for emotional health with data visualizations in Bokeh.

ii. Objective: Presenting a novel Digital Health Intervention paradigm through web apps that employ data visualization of emotions using software tools like Python/Bokeh. The data is self-reported by user to affect cognitive bias and thus impact emotional health.

iii. Background: Problem- Mental health- state of affairs: 2 mins

iv. Solution One of the solutions – Digital health paradigm – How it can be a paradigm? 2 mins

v. App: App presentation &Research 3 mins

vi. Software- 3 mins The web application software is implemented using - Flask, SQLAlchemy, Postgres DB, jinja2, Javascript, HTML, CSS. The charts use Bokeh and Pandas library.

vii. Charting Libraries in Python- 2 min Charts

viii. Plotly Charts- 3 mins

ix. Bokeh Charts for App - 10 mins Simple charts , Complex charts, Data visualization for emotions, Incorporating Animation effects on charts.

Total 25 mins mins presentation + 5 mins Q&A


Some knowledge of python, web development, data visualization tools and interest in mental health and apps

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  1. websites: Web App: Web App link Github: GIthub link to app code

  2. Content URL with Google slides (work in progress)- Content Url for google slides

Speaker Info:

Archana Bahuguna has been in software industry for 15+ years and is currently working on mental health tech apps to promote and build solutions for self-awareness, wellness and self-development as complementary to human connection and support. She is also interested in researching the impact of human-computer interface (online therapies/apps) on behavioral health.

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