Concurrency in Python : from Beginner to Pro

Prakhar Agarwal (~prakhar-agarwal)




In this talk, we will discuss various concurrency techniques and compare and contrast there performance. The talk starts with discussing

  • What is concurrency and Why you need it?
  • Underlying architecture (briefly) of concurrent programming
  • Multithreading vs multiprocessing. How to decide what to use? Or can we use both?
  • Compare various multithreading techniques offered (_thread, threading, concurrent.futures, etc.)
  • Compare various multiprocessing techniques offered (subprocess, multiprocessing or concurrent.futures, etc.)

This talk will present comparative code analysis for all the concepts in it. The analysis will include both memory and compute tradeoffs between the approaches


Some familiarity with python.

Speaker Info:

Prakhar is currently working as a Machine Learning engineer at Apple Inc., US. Previously he has worked as a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research, India trying to unlock my research potential as a part of the Applied Machine Learning group. He focuses on developing computational methods to improve human well-being combining techniques from data science, social network analysis, and natural language processing.

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Section: Decentralised and Distributed Technology
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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