Building Serverless APIs with Python and Azure Functions

Ashirwad Satapathi (~AshirwadSatapathi)




In this talk, we are going to discuss about what is serverless and how can we build a serverless api with Python and Azure functions. We will take problem statement and try to solve it in the session using python and azure function. We build, debug and deploy it to the cloud during the talk. Problem statement would to send notification to product teams about negative feedback about their product which can help them reassess and modify their product for customer retention.

Talk Outline:

1- What is API and Why we need them? (3 minutes)

2 - Evolution of Application Hosting Platforms (3 minutes)

3 - What is Serverless? (2 minutes)

4 - Various Serverless offerings which are available (1 minutes )

5 - Introduction to Azure functions and Demo on making one using Azure Portal (6 minutes)

6 - Going across the problem statement (2 minutes)

7 - Solving the problem statement by building an Serverless API in python using Azure Functions and VSCode and publishing it to Azure App Service. (8 minutes)

8 - QnA (5 minutes)


Python,VSCode and Azure Subsription

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Currently working as a Associate Software Developer with working experience in web application development using C#, ASP.NET WebForm, ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET CORE 2.1,3.1 and MS SQL Server.

Specialities: - Proficient in C# and Python - Experience in developing ASP.NET / ASP.NET CORE Applications. - Experience working MS SQL Server 2014 & 17 databases. - Experience in Application and DB migration in cloud i.e., from AWS to Azure. - Skilled in tools for data visualisation and ETL like Tableau, PowerBI and Pentaho. - Skilled in Data Wrangling using Python and Pandas. - Highly analytical and focused on details with good communication skills. - Certified UiPath RPA Developer.

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Linkedln - Github - AshirwadSatapathi Twitter - @ashirwad_1998

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