Building a Minimal Flask Application in one command!

Hans Maulloo (~hans)




Flask developers will know that a minimal flask application requires only a few lines of code, but what if there was a tool that facilitates this task even more?

In this session, I will talk about a Python Package and a command-line tool that helps build a Hello World Flask application simply by running a command from your terminal. At the time of this writing, it supports a few optional features such as adding bootstrap CDN, initializing an sqlite3 test.db and containerizing the application using Docker, among others.


  • Basic Flask knowledge
  • pip(3) installed

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Hans Maulloo is currently an associate software engineer and a member of the Python Mauritius User Group(PyMug). He enjoys experimenting new web frameworks and creating content on the internet by using what he learns. He has built several full stack websites using Flask and likes contributing to open source projects. In this vast technological era, he is still a beginner who is willing to learn the maximum possible to hopefully achieve something some day.

Tech stuff aside, Hans equally enjoys travelling to new places to experiment new ways of living, watching science fiction movies and playing football.

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