Building a Home Automation system using PyQt, MQTT and Arduino

HARSH MITTAL (~harsh66)




With the growing need for comfort and security, home automation is gaining a lot of popularity. With the help of python, it has become really easy to create your own home automation system. Instead of relying upon the online server, local servers can be created in the home so that the application has better response and security.

In this talk, I will be talking about how to leverage PyQT, MQTT and Arduino for Home Automation. Qt is one of the best open-source platform-independent software to make interactive GUI. PyQt is a Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit Qt.

I will be covering the complete process used to take data from sensors using Arduino and transferring it to a local server using MQTT and interacting with it by creating a GUI using PyQt in python.

Talk Outline:

  1. Problem Statement (2 min)

    • Introduction to the problem statement.

  2. Introduction (3 min)

    • Introduction to PyQt, MQTT, Arduino and some basic terminology.

  3. GUI Implementation (5 min + 5 min code)

    • MQTT Server and client

    • How to use PyQt Designer to automatically convert GUI into python code.

    • Code Walkthrough

  4. Arduino Implementation (2 min + 5 min code)

    • MQTT Client integration

    • Interacting with the local server

    • Code Walkthrough

  5. Q/A Session (5 min)


Basic knowledge of MQTT, PyQt and Arduino is good. However, I will be covering a brief overview on all the topics.

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I'm an Embedded Software Engineer at Asteria Aerospace - robotics and artificial intelligence company that develops drone-based solutions to provide actionable intelligence from aerial data. I am passionate about working in the field of Embedded Systems, IoT and Machine Learning.

Previously I have worked as an intern in CRON Systems and UPM, Malaysia. I have also published a paper in IEEE GCCE 2019 conference in Osaka, Japan.

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