Build an automated trading BOT for Indian Stock Market

Yatin Chaubal (~yatin09)





Traders across the world have been using technical analysis trading in stocks, commodities and currencies. Using technical analysis and python we will automate and intraday day startegy. This strategy will analyze and place orders. We will also measure effectivity of the strategy.

Basic outline of the talk

  1. Introduction to a basic trading strategy
  2. Connect to broker platform
  3. Automate the trading strategy.
  4. Backtest strategy using backtrader.

Who is this talk for?

This talk includes (and is not limited to) the following audience categories:

  • Students who want to understand trading with python
  • Traders who want to automate their strategies.


  • Basic scripting in Python
  • Basic understanding of stock market
  • Account with a broker which provides api access.

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Speaker Info:

Yatin Chaubal is a full time traders for past two years. He has worked as quality assurance engineer for 14 years in various companies.

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