Write Maintainable and Secure code using Python Gradual Typing

haridas n (~haridas)


In this talk I want to give an idea about how easily we can incorporate the python's type system into your code and leverage all the benefits of typed python code.

In this session I will be mainly covering,

  1. What is this Gradual typing
  2. How the static typing helps to write better code.
  3. How effectively it cut down the corner cases and reduce the resultant security attack vectors.
  4. How Type Hinting helps to write test concise test cases, instead of address most corner cases and still worrying about the runtime behaviours.
  5. Introduce to the PEP standards which formalised the Type Hinting, and function annotation.
  6. Compare different 3'rd party type checkers, and other open source tools.
  7. Use the type checkers with IDE, for proactive error detection.


Beginner level understanding of how to write good code in python.

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Writing python tools and web apps since 2009, keen to try new methods to improve the quality and process of software development. Lately more into machine learning domain, working mainly in developing end-to-end pipeline using NLP and deep learning models.

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