Wonders with Images using Python

Mohita Ajmera (~mohita)


Today's world data is full of images! A picture is just one click away, anytime and anywhere. When we want to process a huge quantity of these images to analyze or augment, its difficult to find the right tool at the right time.

Python solves this for us. This talk is about what we can do with images using 4 major libraries Numpy, Pillow, Scikit-Image, and Open-CV. Once you are able to process and augment your image, you can further apply advanced techniques like Deep learning and machine learning.

Outline of the talk -

Different Python functions and libraries will be used to do the following tasks with Images -

1.Interpretation 2.Read and Display 3.Convert and Invert the Colour 4.Blurring effect 5.Threshold effect 6.Resize 7.Detect Edges 8.Draw Contours 9.Draw Bounding boxes around objects in an image 10. Other libraries you can use and other wonders you can do with Images just by using Python.

We will start with a basic interpretation of images and end with how to process the images and create different effects in seconds.

Content URLs:

https://github.com/mohita-ajmera/Wonders-with-Images This represents a basic workflow of the talk.

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