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Wikidata - Largest Crowd sourced Knowledge Graph - Open Data

Wikidata is one of the many sister projects of Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia Foundation projects

What is a Knowledge Graph

Or a Knowledge Base to be more generic, but we tend to use Graph structure, hence many times used interchangeably as Knowledge Graph. (Again, Google calls it Knowledge Graph as Knowledge Graph) When we refer to these, the following concepts are what we have in mind Some sort of formalization in terms of how we are representing our data (Ontology!) Data - in terms of Entities, events, relationships or any other formalization defined Some Functions - in term of functions for maintenance, cleaning, freshness. Some Engine - in terms of a platform that helps us have these functions, make them run on the data we have

Some examples of these knowledge bases: Wikidata Google's Knowledge Graph * Freebase Microsft's Satori Wolfram Alpha


Wikidata is a document-oriented database, focused on items. Each item represents a topic (or an administrative page used to maintain Wikipedia) and is identified by a unique number, prefixed with the letter Q — for example, the item for the topic Douglas Adams is Q42 — known as a "QID". This enables the basic information required to identify the topic the item covers to be translated without favouring any language.

wikidata sample

As of the last update on this page, Wikidata has 54,905,015 data items! If you want to get started yourself, learn more about how/what and even the why behind wikidata, I would strongly recommend Wikidata Tour which is maintained by the community to help new people get started with Wikidata.

Can we query it?

SPARQL,I mean Yes. Yes you can query Wikidata using SPARQL.

SPARQL = An RDF Query Language

You could go as far as saying its like SQL for data in RDF specifications

Now what is RDF? RDF is basically "Subject - Predicate - Object" triples. RDF = Resource Description Framework RDF image

Wikidata provides a beautiful tool for querying known as Wikidata Query Service

Let build a query now.

  • For the first query, lets simply get a count of people that have a spouse listed. (ever married)

SELECT (COUNT(?item) AS ?count) WHERE { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q5. ?item wdt:P26 ?spouse. SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". } }

You can do alot with these queries, here is a list of examples queries listed. A must visit page of the internet.

A live query building session to follow

Query for Nuclear plants setup per country in last 60 years

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It would great if participants are aware of NoSQL type data storage techniques and best practices. Any knowledge about other knowledge graphs would your add to the experience.

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