Why Panic? Use Sanic

Harsha Narayana (~harshanarayana)


Sanic is a quickly evolving Web server/framework with one goal. To Go Fast. This talk proposal aims at giving a brief look at some of the developments work being done as well as upcoming features. It also tries to give a brief understanding of the versioning strategy being followed and the support model being employed as part of the development cycles.

It will involve a small demonstration of deploying a sanic working code example on a kubernetes node using minikube and how to use a cookiecutter template to bootstrap your own development works.

The talk will cover the following.


  1. Intro to SANIC
  2. Performance stats
  3. Features and development details
  4. Demo
  5. Q&A

Takeaway for Audience

  1. Upcoming features and changes in sanic that can help your development
  2. How sanic works and some performance stats to compare it against rest of the world
  3. How to use sanic and be in zen mode

Takeaway for SANIC

  1. What do end users expect in sanic in coming releases
  2. Gain more community contributions


  1. Basic understanding of any of the Python Web server frameworks

Content URLs:

  1. Git Repo for Presentation and Demo Code (This will be updated with additional details in the coming days)
  2. Slide Deck

Speaker Info:

I am one of the core development members of the sanic community, who has been contributing the open source development for the last 10+ years. I also maintain a few sanic tool chain and cookiecutter template to bootstrap your own sanic project.

I work as a Software developer for Cisco and we are building a platform that is used for Intent based networking. I am a die-hard believer of Space over Tab

Speaker Links:

  1. Git Repo
  2. LinkedIn Profile

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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