Whatcha talkin' bout Willis? Topic Modelling Twitter or What people talk about when they talk about the Budget.

Karmanya Aggarwal (~CalmDownKarm)


Topic Modelling is an essential part of any data scientist's toolkit, since it's a very powerful technique to figure out what people are saying about your business on various platforms. Topic Models are funky; they're unsupervised, so there aren't any clear ways to measure output quality. You typically end up eyeballing the predictions and outputs to see if they make sense and are coherent. However, using some appropriate visualizations make this process significantly easier. I'm going to demonstrate this process by modelling Twitter Data captured around the time this year's Budget was released.


high school math is the only requirement

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I'm a data scientist at Gramener and a Research Assistant at the IIIT Delhi's MIDAS Reseach Group focusing on NLP in Indic Languages.

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