What Pythonistas can learn from Go world

asldevi (~asldevi)


Python is an awesome programming language which we all love for its simple learning curve, included batteries, richness of libraries, frameworks etc. Though Golang has entered the scene relatively late, it is catching up for its simplicity, performance, scale and many more.

This talk aims to give the audience a feel of the Go language and how can we be better Pythonistas after peeping into Go.

Talk Outline

  • A byte of Go (5 mins)
    • Introduction to Go
    • single slide code samples of what Go can do
  • How's Go similar to Python (2 mins)
    • Handy data structures
    • Design philosophy
    • Developer friendliness
    • Zen of Python
  • How's Go different from Python (5 mins)
    • Data structures
    • Object-Oriented design without classes
    • Concurrency
    • Zen of Python
  • What can we, Pythonsistas learn from Go world (lot of examples) (10 mins)
  • Which one excels where and conclusion (3 mins)
  • Q & A (5 mins)

Key take aways

  • Good overview of Go language
  • Be better programmers
  • A new perspective and better appreciation for what Python offers us :)


Basic knowledge of Python would be useful.

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slides (will be re-worked and polished)

Speaker Info:

Devi is an independent software consultant and trainer having about 14 years of experience in the industry. She enjoys sharing her learnings at various conferences and her talks on REST APIs, Testing micro-services were well recieved at earlier editions of Pycon India.

She has a Masters in Computational Science from IISc. She spends her free time enjoying with her 2 loving daughters and painting with water colors.

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