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sravya yellapragada (~sravya94)


Online Apparel Shopping today, has overtaken the traditional way of shopping. They provide us great variety and options to choose from. One of the key drawbacks of this facility is it doesn't give you a view of how the clothes look on you. Moreover there can be ambiguity in sizes & color while shopping online.

This talk aims to solve these problems using an application named "ViewU" which resembles a virtual trial room. All you need to do is upload your image and choose the dress of your choice, our deep learning model will auto generate your images in that dress in different poses. User can select dress images either from shopping site or upload from their camera.

This application is developed using a conditional image generation model using GANs. Unlike Augmented Reality which uses the geometric coordinates to overlap the dress image on the user image, our Deep Learning model will auto generate images of the user in various poses in the selected dress. We are also working on enhancements like giving size recommendations from user image, style recommendations from the dress selected and also a customized UI for each user.

You can ditch the waiting in long queues for trail rooms at shopping malls and stop worrying about how the dress worn by a model on the web-site will look on you because ViewU gives you the best of shopping experience with a feel of how the product will look on you with just an app on your mobile.


  1. Familiarity with Python
  2. Understanding of PyTorch, OpenCV packages
  3. Understanding of Neural Networks

Content URLs:

slides : https://github.com/sravyaysk/pycon-2019/blob/master/ViewU/ViewU.pdf

outline of talk : https://github.com/sravyaysk/pycon-2019/blob/master/ViewU/talk%20outline.txt

Speaker Info:

I am working as Data Scientist in Pramati Technologies Hyderabad with 2 years of experience in solving real world business problems across different domains. As a part of Data science team, we design, code, train, test, deploy and iterate on enterprise scale machine learning systems. My primary focus is on building powerful and efficient applications using Natural Language Processing and Deep learning. I love programming and actively participates in hackathons, online contents conducted by hackerearth, kaggle. My hobbies include singing, painting, making gifts, cards, crafts etc.

This is the first time I am giving a talk at PyCon. We presented this tool at Infinity 2019, the Annual Innovation fest across Pramati and stood as winners. This talk can be helpful to all retail e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon etc.

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