Video analyzing and indexing using Azure using ML

Vaibhav Mishra (~imvaibhavm)


This is going to be complete hands on session on indexing and analyzing an video using Microsoft Azure api under the domain of ML .Azure Video Indexer is a cloud application built on Azure Media Analytics, Azure Search, Cognitive Services (such as the Face API, Microsoft Translator, the Computer Vision API, and Custom Speech Service). It enables you to extract the insights from your videos using Video Indexer video and audio models.Once Video Indexer is done processing and analyzing, you can review, curate, search, and publish the video insights. Whether your role is a content manager or a developer, the Video Indexer service is able to address your needs. Content managers can use the Video Indexer web portal to consume the service without writing a single line of code, see Get started with the Video Indexer website. Developers can take advantage of APIs to process content at scale, see Use Video Indexer REST API. The service also enables customers to use widgets to publish video streams and extracted insights in their own applications, see Embed visual widgets in your application.So by the end of this session everyone will be able to understand the complete background of the VIideo Indexer.


laptop ,Azure account(optional),internet connection,VS code .

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This is Vaibhav Mishra , a final year CSE student at Chennai with keen interest in data sciences and ML enthusiast .With prior experience in this field I love to share my skills and knowledge to the community because iI believe in together we grow.Being a part of GCDC Chennai and an active member for Gdg i have lot of enthusiasm when it comes down to ML.With sufficient yet learning experience in this field I love to share and help people.Being a part of this community lets contribute to the world for together to grow.

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