Using serverless python scripts to increase efficiency for troubleshooting applications

Shashank Shekhar Tewari (~shashank_shekhar)


The talk will aim to educate people on troubleshooting and how we can eventually automate this. 'Visual' grep is often time consuming and is prone to human errors - if we can offload this work to scripts and bots, we not only save time, we also prevent human errors from creeping in. For customers using an application, a tool like this would help in finding solutions to problems even before raising cases with the support team..

Some of the topics we'll cover are:

Basics of troubleshooting

  • Log analysis of a typical application, like postfix
  • Implementation of this in a serverless environment
  • Creating an endpoint which can be contacted with a problem is found with the server


Basic knowledge of python.

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Been on the command line since the age of 14, grew up wanting to work on Linux systems and got my dream fulfilled. Currently employed with Synacor working on our product Zimbra - an open source emailing solution - for the past six years. Extensive experience with different open source components, and managed to learn a bit of python along the way.

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