Using Python to study fundamental concepts of Computer Science

Rivas Hameed (~rivas)


Computer science can be a fascinating field but it is one which is vast and sometimes complex for a teacher to convey to students using theory alone. I have been trying to write down tools in python that tries to tie more practical aspect to these theoretical concepts so that it can enable teachers to better explain what these fundamental concepts are. These are also tools aimed at students so that they can use the same to have more depth of understanding on these theory.

For example, the tools try to answer questions like: 1. How does the operating system interact with the file system to store data? 2. Different Optimization techniques that are used to increase the throughput of applications when interfacing with Storage Devices 3. How the Main Memory is structured 4. Concepts of Process and Threads and how the Operating system schedules these 5. Forging and intercepting packet transactions to explain TCP / UDP and other protocols 6. Database concepts on how data is processed and saved

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I am a Principal Engineer at RSA ( a subsidiary of Dell EMC) and have been using python for a very long time to create automation tools. One of my passion is collaborating with others to increase the overall knowledge of the community.

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