Understanding LSTM and GRU using Text Autocompletion

Priya Sarkar (~priya31)


Understand the working architecture of a LSTM network and a GRU network and then create a text autocompletion model in Tensorflow.


Python , Basics of Machine Learning, Basics of Neural Network

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I am a graduate from IIT Bombay. I currently work as a Deputy Manager with Deloitte having past experience working in Data Science teams at JP Morgan Chase and HDFC Developers. I have 3.5 years of work experience in creating data science teams and solutions. My work basically involves in the space of NLP and Predictive Modelling with experience in domains such as customer experience and risk.

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https://www.meetup.com/Mumbai-Women-in-Machine-Learning-and-Data-Science/events/kqbmkqyxnbkc/ https://www.medium.com/@divalicious.priya

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