Tweepy- How I created my first Twitter Bot?

Udit Vashisht (~uditvashisht)


It happens to everyone. You hear about python, start learning it and immediately falls in love with it. But after doing the basic beginners' stuff you look for something more challenging and entertaining to polish your skills. You look for mini fun projects. This is one of those projects.

I will be creating a bot which will work as:-

  1. If a user mentions you in a tweet and sends a picture (with atleast one person) to you.
  2. Our bot will remove the background of the image.
  3. And send back the image without the background to the original user.

The talk will be more in the form of a tutorial, the basic outline will be as under:-

  1. Speaker Info.
  2. Introduction about the Project including what a twitter bot is, what can it do, what can be achieved and finally what will we be creating.
  3. Basic setup like pipenv/virtualenv, installation of module etc.
  4. Setting up of twitter api .
  5. Setting up
  6. Writing the complete code.
  7. Live demo of the bot.
  8. Closing comments.
  9. Q&A, if any.


  • Basic knowledge of Python.
  • Twitter Account and api keys.
  • account and api key.

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Speaker Info:

I am Udit Vashisht. I am a central government employee and I do not have any technical education (I am a simple science graduate). I started learning Python a year ago out of interest. I was lucky to attend PyOhio 2018. Since then I have learned many things. I have created a tutorial website and a youtube channel. The website is completely developed using Django. Check the links below.

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