The Zen Of Python: with real life examples

Anuvrat Parashar (~bhanuvrat)


Tim Peters preached and we memorized that Explicit is better than implicit, but how many understood the deeper meaning enough to imbibe the essence of the zen?

In this 20 min talk, we shall go through the zen and look at live examples where the golden words, when understood and imbibed, make a programmer's life easy.

For example, why is flat better than nested? Because it reduces branching in the code.

And what happens with less branching? A greater test coverage is achieved with fewer tests.

What happens with more coverage? Well, isn't programming all about reducing labour?


An ideal attendee would be familiar with programming, and software development in general, and be able to understand code snippets written in python.

Speaker Info:

Anuvrat has spent countless hours wading through utterly un-pythonic, non-modular codebases that contain > 8000 lines in one file and >500 in one function, with nested try-except statements and has almost mastered the skill of keeping his calm and understanding and debugging, maintaining developing over that!

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