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Contrary to what us nerds like to claim - nerds and geeks are extremely emotional creatures. We just reserve them for code and computers and robots. Everything else is deemed inessential. And it works against us in the long run.

We have to deal with the messiness of the real world and all the emotions that come with it. I will talk about how to leverage emotions and mindfulness to become a better software engineer. It's an introductory guide to increasing your skill set as a software engineer to the next level by "debugging" yourself and your emotions.

I forgo all the usual technical advice/training but focus on the principles and characteristics that a good software engineer follows that are not exactly hard or soft skills - but a blend of both. It's more about who you are as a person rather than your hardcore technical skills.

Content -

  • Why mental health is as important as physical health (especially for software engineers) - Fucked head == Fucked code 🧠
  • Emotions and accepting that they are irrational 😱
  • Debugging yourself (awareness about emotions) β€πŸ’»
  • Imposter Syndrome πŸ•΅
  • The concept of "Flow" in programming and Importance of taking breaks 🌊
  • Self Reflection Techniques 🀳
  • Rhythms of self reflection techniques 🎢


  • Best for a practising professional as a software developer/engineer for the content to be relevant to them.

Speaker Info:

I have been a software engineer for the last decade - right from starting to learning C in BorlandC in my undergrad days to my current role as a CTO of a funded healthcare startup in India (DoctorC - I have worked with 50+ software engineers in my career so far, where I went from a complete n00b student coder to my current role leading the tech of a small but potent team of engineers.

I used to be a person who thought that rational thought is superior (like so many junior engineers) to the one who is much more β€œwise” in life. I have battled at least 3 depressions that I am aware of and did therapy for an extended period of time twice so far. The therapy sessions led to immense personal growth. This personal growth has directly impacted on how well I do as a software engineer - my productivity has increased, I can solve more uncertain/vague problems, my ability to debug has improved, my design skills have increased an order of magnitude, I am able to mentor other people technically and much much more.

All because I am more emotionally aware of myself and that allows me to β€œhack my brain” to my advantage.

I believe that whoever puts an additional focus on the emotional aspect of programming will lead a happier, better and fulfilling life than someone who doesn't.

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