ReScan Vulnz using Py - It's all about H4cking

sri ram (~sri82)


Being on the Internet world getting hacked is so simple. Companies spend millions on improving the security of the network, but still are they secured. Not at all.

Obtaining complete information regarding discovered vulnerabilities looks extremely difficult. Yet, developing statistical models requires a great deal of such complete information about the vulnerabilities. I introduced the use of Markovian approach to estimate the probability of a particular vulnerability being at a particular “state”of the vulnerability life cycle. In this study, we further develop our models on python, use available data sources in a probabilistic foundation to enhance the reliability and also introduce some useful new modeling strategies for vulnerability risk estimation. Finally, we present a new set of Non-Linear Statistical Models that can be used in estimating the probability of being exploited as a function of time. This is based on the typical security system and vulnerability data that are available. However, our methodology and system structure can be applied to a specific security system by any software engineer and using their own vulnerabilities to obtain their probability of being exploited as a function of time. This information is very important to a company’s security system in its strategic plan to monitor and improve its process for not being exploited.

So introducing this here, we could able to re-scan the network and find the vulnerabilities here that are patched before.


  • Networking Basics.
  • Hackers Schedule.
  • Basic Knowledge on finding vulnerabilities and exploiting them in a right manner.

I personally welcome script kiddies and experienced minds !!

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I'm the Founder | CEO of Techgreech Cyber Solutions working on the field on Cyber Security. Independent Security framework developer on Python and Java. Considered as the leading cyber security trainer on Chennai, India.

Here comes a agenda for my talk...

  • Introduction ( 3mins )
  • Greetings
  • Introduce myself
  • What literally Ethical Hacking means ? ( 3mins )
  • Getting Deep ( 5mins )

    • What it is ?
    • Why it is ?
  • How it works ( 10mins )

    • How it is built ?
    • How it works ?
    • How it helps us ?
  • Explaining models and libs ( 7mins )

    • Models and Frameworks used here !
    • Organizing the data extracted and evaluating them.
  • Concluding with results and scope of model ( 2mins )

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Facebook - Sriram Socrates

Twitter - sriramoffcl

Github - sriramsocrates

LinkedIn - Sriram Kesavan

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