Regular Expressions - A Closer Look



Text parsing is an important aspect of data processing, but parsing huge raw files in order to extract useful data can be a pain sometimes. Yet it is a crucial part of creating structured and manageable data that can be used for further analysis

This is where regular expressions come in - often the topic of spirited debates, they are a simple and effective tool for processing data in large files.

In this talk we will discuss how regular expressions play an important role in the day-to-day tasks of a software engineer, and how much time and effort can be saved by using regular expressions and other string manipulation tools.

We'll also be talking about my journey from Perl to Python, and the implementation of regex in each.


  • Introduction to Regular Expressions - Python and Perl
  • Short comparison of Python and Perl regex implementation
  • Walk through of realistic examples and scenarios where regex plays key role
  • Q & A


Very basic knowledge about any scripting language.

Speaker Info:

Deepa Selvam - Engineer at Zimbra Technology India PVT LTD owned by Synacor Inc.

She has a diverse experience in multiple domains including and not limited to Finance, Telecommunications and Messaging. Open source enthusiast, member of "WomenWhoCode"," PythonPune". Hard-core Perl Developer who fell in love with Python.

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