Python2 to Python3 conversion for a large codebase of a pyramid web application



Python 2 is reaching end of life on Jan 1st 2020. Many projects still share a code base that runs using python 2. it's a crucial time for python users to migrate their code.

At we have a python code base that runs across 1000+ hand coded files 100+ generated files with 1,30,000+ lines of code, developed over the last 8 years. We recently undertook the task of migrating the code base from python 2.7.14 to Python 3.6. This talk would share my learnings from this migration.

Following topics shall be covered

  1. The project context - how is mammoth code base organized, maintained and deployed.
  2. Planning for migration.
  3. Guidelines for migration and our challenges
  4. Key careabouts while migrating python 2 to 3 along-with tooling support.
  5. Validating migration correctness.
  6. Quality Assurance


Basics of web application developement in python

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Yogeshwar Trehan (e-mail:

Working as software engineer at Mammoth Analytics

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