Python, the building block of the future.

Veerasamy Sevagen (~veerasamy)


Ever since its introduction in the late '80s, Python has continued to advance and has reached a level today that is high above the other programming languages in every possible manner making it the fastest growing language in the world. In what ways is it better? Numerous ones such as its versatility as a cross-platform language as well as its usability. It can be used for nearly any kind of project you might think of, Web development, Machine learning, Data Analysis and Data Virtualization. The community has the reputation of being really supportive and professional so if you want to start open-source contribution, this is a good place to start. Python has topped the programming language world and there is absolutely no doubt that no other programming language can compete with it due to its fast evolution rate. So, I believe that even in the future, python is the one which will be standing at the top, including the AI field.

Timeline: History and origin of Python - 10 min

Features and Philosophy behind Python - 10 min

Who uses Python and why - 5min

What makes python the best programming language - 5min


This talk is for newbies as well as aspiring programmers who are thinking of learning python. It is not necessary for anyone to know about python programming to attend the talk. However being enthusiastic and passionate is a must, because it is going to be an interactive session.

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I'm currently a 2nd year at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala and my name is Veerasamy Sevagen. I'm an avid GNOME foundation member and contributor since September of 2018 but I've currently developed an affinity to Web development. This came from my recent internship as a Web developer at AquaBASE Diving Equipment Ltd in Mauritius. In order to increase my web developing skills, I'm trying to learn Django framework mostly because it is written in Python and also for the slogan "The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines" :) Till now, I've been using CMS such as WordPressfor website creation but I'm thinking of shifting to Django due to its simplified approach. I'm also a member of the AmFOSS club at Amritapuri where we organize open-source contribution drives, hackathons and talks ,exposing people to the world of open-source softwares.

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