Python Packaging - where we are and where we're headed

Pradyun Gedam (~pradyunsg)




Python's packaging story is not one of the "smooth" portions of the language, often called out as one of the main pain points when working with the language.

This talk will explain the role of various tools in the Python packaging ecosystem and bring attendees up to speed on the recent improvements in the area. In addition, it will also discuss some of the ideas currently being worked on, for improving our packaging story in the future.

By the end of this talk, attendees will have a better understanding of what the "packaging ecosystem" is and what the tools can help accomplish. This should enable them to make informed decisions for packaging their projects, without needing step by step instructions. Attendees will also be made aware of the recent improvements, their significance and what improvements may happen in the future.


This talk is for anyone that has been confused by Python Packaging (read: everyone). A very minimal amount of familiarity with how Python Packaging works is needed.

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The approximate flow of the talk will be as follows:

  • Introduction [2 mins]
  • "where we are" [10-12 mins]
    • What is "packaging ecosystem"? [5 mins]
      • tooling and usecases covered [3 mins]
      • The "packaging gradient" [2 mins]
    • Recent developments in this area [5 mins]
      • PyPA's approach for making improvements [1 mins]
  • “where we’re headed” [10-12 mins]
    • Future improvements to the tools
    • New standards under discussion
    • PEPs / collaboration on the horizon
  • Closing notes [2-3 mins]
    • General recommendations
    • Summary

The exact contents of the second portion of the talk are time-dependent and can only be finalized a few weeks prior to the talk. For example, the contents of the second section may change depending on new ideas, plans or work that occurs in Q3 2019.

The speaker is working on a demo deck.

Speaker Info:

Pradyun is a maintainer of pip and virtualenv, and a contributor to, setuptools and more.

He is a member of the Python Packaging Authority and the TOML Core Team; and a former Google Summer of Code Fellow, working for Python Software Foundation to improve pip.

Speaker Links:

  • Personal Website (contains email and links to multiple social media platforms)

Section: Core Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hi Pradyun,

We've put together a best practices document for proposals here -, please take a look. Its best if you add some more details - like an outline of the talk, the slides, and a two minute video (if possible).

Best, Abhishek

Abhishek Yadav (~zerothabhishek)

Yep. I'll be working on this today, fleshing this out a more. :)

Pradyun Gedam (~pradyunsg)

Note to organizers: I'd prefer to not have Q&A on stage after my talk, since this is my first public talk. It will be easier for me to answer questions in person than from the stage.

Pradyun Gedam (~pradyunsg)

Looking forward for this talk :)

Wasim Thabraze (~waseem18)

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