Python in the world of Serverless

Srushith Repakula (~srushith)


Serverless computing takes away a lot of pain from a developer/operations point of view leaving only a few things to worry about. Language selection is one among them and Python has a lot of advantages that make it the language of choice for serverless development.

If you are a Python developer, what do you need to know to start writing serverless functions? Derived from considerable experience in using Python for developing a conference hosting platform, this talk delves into the details on why, what, how to use Python for writing serverless functions. Why choose Python? How different is Python for regular development vs. FaaS? How subtle bugs can occur writing serverless functions using Python (why we need to understand how FaaS works underneath)? How to tune performance and response times of your Python serverless functions? This talk addresses these practical considerations on and covers time (startup, execution, and response times), code deployment size (incl. aspects like Layers in AWS), memory consumption, orchestrating functions, testing & deploying functions, and monitoring & logging.

Speaker Info:

Building KonfHub, a one stop platform for technical conferences on AWS stack, primarily using serverless and other associated services.

Got the first taste of Serverless by participating in the “AWS Chatbot Challenge” and fell instantly in love with the technology and the unparalleled passion for Lambdas henceforth began.

Regularly speaking at conferences and meetups in the serverless community and sharing knowledge, production experiences and real life challenges.

Actively blogging and writing articles for OSFY, Medium and D-Zone.

Started the very first serverless focused meetup group in Bangalore, contributing, presenting and encouraging young passionate members to pursue the same which currently blossoms with around 3,600 members!

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